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Real Life and Schiller

Has it been so long since I wrote here? Has it been so long since death knocked on my own door for the first time in a long time last September?
My apologies. My life turned upside down and I did not want to drag anyone reading this down with me any further. Loosing someone close, losing family. Maybe not like the last story, but still so close...I wrote it because. It changes things. Does it not?
I am still changing. Piece by piece that I pick up from my heart, some I can never find again.
Today the sun shines. Slowly my heart is warming. I love spring. I am glad I still crave the sun and smell it brings.

I am listening to some electronic sounds created by Schiller. Have a listen. He always inspires me. He makes me want to write now, "be creative", his tunes say as they wrap around me! Write! Draw! Bake! I want my life back. Maybe I can write here again? Piece by piece till it feels like mine again. Maybe even better. 

Welcome! It is great to see you reading this. Please have some tea and stay awhile. How have you been?

Want to come to a Schiller concert with me? Planning to go and attend one this coming December in Germany. Will be awesome.
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