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1st of December

"The frost was breathing cold mist onto the grass, icing each blade with care, tiny crystals glowing in the weak morning sun. Winter was coming and Louisa grinned as she watched her puppy rush through the grass and greenery barking with laughter getting wet and wetter in the process. Being a wet newfoundland he looked more like a sheep than a dog, but he never seemed to mind. She did he get all those leaves so firmly stuck in his fur? How to rub a dog dry with fur long enough to make even a persian cat jealous?!

Ah well, for now the walk in the morning air, leaving a soft trail behind, wrapped up warm. 1st of December. A little bundle of joy and new found moments of sunrise while the rest of the world was getting ready to get up, look outside and shudder at the cold only to retreat back into home and shelter with a cup of tea. Tea could wait, according to his cold nose in her face that morning, walking could simply not. How could she blame him when he bounced up and down looking for rabbits and mice, enjoying life. Making her enjoy life. Taking a deep breath of the crisp air, that was what she felt. Finally alive.

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